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    In 1996, a group of children from  needed activities to keep them occupied but funds were low.  So the youth group set out to find free fun things for them to do.  The very first trip was to a free grandparents’ festival, in Fort Washington, PA.  This event gave out free samples of different products to the children; they played interactive games, and had a great time.  That trip attended by four families marked the beginning of the Creative Kids Club that now has over 75 families and are still growing.​

    Children in our club must be “creative” in motion in everything they do; this is the purpose of our name.  We strive to bring out the creativity of our members through exposing them to art  craft workshops, recreational activities and cultural events. The Creative Kids Club members are youth (ages 1 to 18) and their families, of all socioeconomic levels, and diverse multicultural religious beliefs.  Whether they’re foster children, youngsters cared for by their grandparents, little one from single or two parent homes or developmentally delayed children, we even managed to create an enriching symbiosis between the club’s special needs members and seniors. 

    We strive to teach our children by being different are what make you special.  The developmentally delayed children and youth integrate and increase their self-esteem when they are included as members of the club.  Likewise, senior citizens on limited income have gotten in on the Creative Kids Club action; they enjoy the company of the youth who appreciate having a grandparent around. The Creative Kids Club’s programs are design to provide structured developmentally appropriate recreational services in the areas of program development, recreational interaction and training/workshops.  Our motto is “You Provide the Family, We’ll Provide the Fun.




Georgette King Founder/CEO of the Creative Kids Club, Inc., a non-profit started in 1996. This organization empowers families by taking them on educational and recreational activities . She believes "Achievers Are Believers that Create their own Destinies" in 2001. Georgette began "S.W.I.M" "Spoken Words In Motion." The program has inspired  men , women , and children  to swim out the storms of their lives using their talents to express their emotions , goals, and dreams.


Jen Alvarez has  a passion for dancing, teaching, performing and philanthropy.  She is the director and choreographer for "The Creative Kids Club's" hoop dance troupe the "Hoop Starz". Dancing s a huge part of her life and she is inspiring hoop dancing across the country. She also teaches  six hoop fitness classes weekly for both children and adults. Her accomplishments has landed her a fature in Prime Time News, and has performed Cirque Du Soleil.


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